Data Centre Construction Investment for 2018 to reach over a Billion Euro

Further investment in Data Centre industry for Ireland

DUBLIN, IRELAND- Investment, infrastructure, sustainability and employment were some of the issues discussed at the 2nd Data Symposium which took place in DCU today. The event saw the launch of the Data Centre: Q1 2018 report and marked the beginning of Host in Ireland’s ‘Data Centres Ireland: Industry of Substance’ campaign.

Data experts from across Ireland attended the event to gain an insight into the current status of data centres in Ireland and the challenges facing the industry. Garry Connolly, President and Founder of Host In Ireland opened the symposium. Other key speakers included Tanya Duncan (Interxion), David McAuley (Bitpower) and Alec Leckey (Intel).

The update report produced by Host In Ireland in association with Bitpower has revealed:

  • Just over €1.1 billion will be invested in data centre construction in 2018, bringing the cumulative investment for data centres in Ireland to €5.7 billion and is expected to reach €9 billion by 2021
  • There are 46 data centres currently in operation in Ireland with Dublin Southwest having the largest cluster
  • There has been a net increase of 60 megawatts to account for planned and operational centres since the last quarter
  • Only 42.5% of power allocated to data centres in Ireland will be used as per the assumed annual power utilisation factor

Commenting on the increased investment in data centres, Garry Connolly, President and Founder of Host In Ireland said "Q1 2018 has seen the continued expansion of the Irish Data Hosting market with new projects and expansions being announced in Dublin and Cork. We continue to see strong growth with the granting of planning and new planning applications for in particular the metro Dublin area. Whilst the start of the year has been very positive for the market and €1bn is anticipated to be spent in 2018, the medium / longer term sustained growth of the industry will still depend on the availability of Energy / Energy options in the Dublin metro.”

‘Data Centres Ireland: Industry of Substance’ Campaign Launch

The event corresponded with the launch of the ‘Data Centres Ireland: Industry of Substance’ campaign by Host In Ireland which looks to highlight the benefits of data centres locating in Ireland. The campaign will run over a year long period and will educate stakeholders about the importance of data, economic benefits for Ireland, infrastructure and other key issues relating to the industry. Speaking about the campaign, Host In Ireland’s Gary Connolly said ‘It’s important that stakeholders remain engaged on the issues and challenges surrounding data centres. The aim of this campaign is to generate awareness about data centres and how they contribute to society in terms of providing a high demand service and is the catalyst for secondary and tertiary data related jobs in the Irish economy’.  

2nd Data Symposium

With Ireland recognised globally as a ‘Digital Gateway to Europe’ insights into the importance of data centres, infrastructure and rapid growth experienced featured heavily on this year’s agenda of the 2nd Data Symposium taking place in DCU.

Ireland has become a hub for data centres with tech giants Amazon and Facebook all setting up major European data centres here. As an optimum location for hosting digital assets, Ireland’s future with data centres and the hosting hemisphere provided attendees with a one of a kind insight into the next steps for Ireland in bridging the challenges facing such a fast growing industry.