Further to Ethos Engineering’s initial coronavirus (COVID-19) contingency plan of 12th March, we continue to monitor the rapidly evolving environment and are making the appropriate changes to how we operate.  We would like to share our current mitigation measure to help prevent the spread of the virus in line with the HSE and Government advice and also to continue to provide continuity of service to our clients and fellow Design and Construction team members.

Our mitigation measures and contingency plan as of 24th March 2020 is as follows:

  • The Ethos COVID-19 Contingency Team meets via tele conference to assess the situation daily
  • All foreign business travel is suspended until further notice. Our European Engineering network, First Q Network.(with over 3000 MEP engineers in 13 European countries) are supporting us on the ground outside of Ireland, were possible.
  • All internal and external meetings are now held remotely via video conference tools
  • All our staff are now working remotely from our offices. We have carried out full resilience and redundancy tests of all our IT systems and remote use of our design software and all teething problems encountered have been ironed out
  • Ethos Executive Directors, Operations Directors and Team leads meets via video conference at the start of every morning. Each Operations Director and Team Lead also meet their full team via video conference on a daily base.
  • All our company functions are fully opened for business; however, all our offices are now closed until further notice. Our reception facility is fully operational remotely and all our Operations Directors, Associate Directors, Team Leads are all contactable via email, mobile phones or they can set up team video conference calls upon request
  • For site inspection, all our Operations Directors, Associate Directors and Team Leads are carrying out reviews of site operational protocols for each site within their group to ensure its safe for our staff and we will make comments wherever they feel safety measures can be improved for the safety of all personnel on site. For our part, we will comply fully with the site protocol of social distancing, protective clothing, washing hands, hand sanitizer use, coughing/sneezing guidelines, cleaning workstations before and after use etc.etc. (and in line with the HSE public health advice)
  • Ideally, all our site visits and inspection will be kept to an absolute minimum at this time. Where they are required, our teams have been advised to plan and stagger our visits to the least busy times on site, observing the 2-meter social & physical distancing rule always
  • We are instructing any member of staff to stay at home and isolate themselves if they are experiencing any of the Coronavirus or any flu like symptoms or if they were in any possible contact with someone that may have been exposed to the Coronavirus and to follow the HSE guideline procedure
  • As accustomed as many of us are to greet one another with a friendly handshake, where we are on site, we have a no handshakes policy until the current threat has passed
  • We are planning a deep clean of all our closed offices, so they are fresh for all our staff and visitors when we do eventually go back after this Covid-19 crisis
  • On a lighter note, to help all our staff keep a bit of structure to their down time, keep an out of work community going and get fitness in at the same time, we are going to trial instructor led live “ethos on line fitness” sessions and also “ethos virtual social gatherings” video conference social nights.


We will continue to work with you to ensure continuity of service as much as possible in this fast-changing environment. Despite our mitigating measure and contingency plans, there is a risk that if the situation worsens there may be an impact on our delivery of our service, if this situation arises, we will engage with you as early as possible.

The health and wellbeing of our employees, clients, design team and contractor colleagues, and the wider community especially the most vulnerable in our society is our highest priority and we will take all necessary steps to ensure this.

Be safe.


Yours faithfully,

Greg Hayden, CEO

Ethos Engineering Ltd