Project Overseas, ACEI Design Excellence Awards 2018

Joint Winner - Category – OVERSEAS

High Density Prefabricated Data Centre, Amsterdam, Ethos Engineering

The high density prefabricated data centre (DC) in Schipol-Rijk, Amsterdam was constructed on a site  for a DC of such a high IT load. The construction involved the utilisation of an existing warehouse building with a large extension added to the facility. To achieve the required electrical distribution infrastructure, the electrical design team developed a unique solution which involved off site fabrication of containerised electrical rooms (e-MODs). These eMODs were then stacked with their associated generator and transformer, which resulted in the required footprint for the electrical plant being much less than is typically the case for a DC of this size, and the plant installation time being vastly reduced, all of which catered for the project’s tight programme timelines. The outcome was very successful and has since been replicated on other sites in Holland and Ireland.

Senior Design Team - High Density Prefabricated Data Centre, Amsterdam, Ethos Engineering

Lead Electrical Engineer


Gary O’Keeffe


ATD Chartered Engineer


Senior Electrical Engineer

William McGrath